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‘We will make her life unpleasant’: Activists have not finished Kyrsten Sinema

The planned demonstrations mark the next phase of an aggressive approach that activists have taken to ignite Sinema, which has been stubborn about the massive domestic spending plan that is at the heart of Biden’s economic agenda.

Last week, the face tactic kicked off as protesters followed Sinema into a bathroom and filmed her. On Monday they followed her to Boston, where she had to compete in the marathon before a foot injury prevented her from participating.

Currently activists on the ground in Arizona describe the elements of Sinema that are frustrated by frustration.

“They want someone to listen and that that doesn’t happen is furious,” said Yolanda Bejarano, America’s national legislative and field director of Communications Workers. “People are no strangers to her. They helped her choose. “

During the protests, the groups are leading a petition in an ongoing attempt to persuade Sinema to sign legislation that would strengthen unions and the right to organize.

Sinema’s office had no comment on the next round of protests. Asked about the invasive nature of some tactics, such as following Sinema into the bathroom of Arizona State University, where she teaches a master’s course, an assistant showed a statement that Sinema released last week.

In it, the senator said she supports freedom of expression but was concerned about the position it placed on her students, some of whom said they were also filmed in the bathroom. Sinema also noted that she and her office had previously met with LUCHA Arizona, the immigration activists involved in the bathroom ambush.

“At the age of 19, when I was teaching at ASU, I decided to create a safe and intellectually challenging environment for my students. Yesterday that environment was broken, “Sinema said in the statement.” My students have been unfairly and illegally victimized. This is completely inappropriate. “

In interviews, several of the activist groups said they cannot see their members using such tactics. But they also did not apologize for the behavior, presenting it as an act of desperation by voters who cannot reach a public official.

“She ignores them and dismisses them,” Bejarano said. “When you dehumanize someone like that, it’s intolerable.”




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